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Cone Drills Cone Drills
Great set of cone drills for all athletes including runners. The drills take you into various dimensions of movement promoting stronger running.
Pilates Core Trainin Pilates Core Training
Working out again with Alexa at Remedy Pilates in Scottsdale Arizona training my core.
Pilates for Injury P Pilates for Injury Prevention
I got a great workout to help reduce my changes of injury at Remedy Pilates in Scottsale Arizona
Plyos and Bag Exerci Plyo and Bag Exercises
Demonstrating two plyometric variations as well as a bag exercise.
Burpies Burpie Variations
Here I demonstrate four burpies you'll find me incorporating into my workouts.
Grapple Bag Series # Grappling Dummy Series
Here is just a quick glimpse of my grapple bag series.
Grapple Bag Workout Grappling Bag Workout #1
Here I am demonstrating one of my quick bag warmups for grapplers.
ADC 2011 Me Grappling at ADC 2011
My first match at the ADC in 2011
Mission to Submissio Heelhook Victory at a tournament
I think this was my 8th match win of the day. This match was won with a heel hook submission.
HIIT Working with one of my clients at Koncrete Gym Scottsdale
This lady was one of my hardest working female clients at Koncrete Gym.
Preparing to Teach K Jim Gray preparing to teach the kickboxing class at Koncrete Gym Scottsdale
Along with fitness and nutrition I teach MMA, self defense, boxing, and kickboxing classes.
Me Boxing at 260lbs Me boxing at 260lbs in 2008
Occassionaly I would be found at one of the local gyms hitting the heavy bag. During this time when I was heavy not many people took me seriously until they saw me work the bag.
ADC 2011 Me at a Grappling Tournament
This was one of my matches at a tournament last year.

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