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"Weight Off My Back" is a culmination of notes and works for the last five years of my life in which I not only lost 150 pounds, but also became an athletic person and changed my life forever, on my own, my way. Through my own efforts, motivations, and personal struggles I achieved what so many people want to acheive. This book sums up what I did and what anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthier, or change their lives should do to do so.

"Weight Off My Back" discusses how to organize, structure, and motivate yourself to become fit. It covers exercise, nutrition, the human body, as well as my own personal struggles. This is a diverse work and covers many topics I felt where important considering the length of the read. Anyone who reads this book should consider it a manual to change themselves into the fit person they've always wanted to be.

"...I decided to change my life, make fitness and nutrition a part of who I was, and “Shift” myself toward the person I knew I needed to be. Because of this I am not the person I describe above but instead the person I should have been. Like I have said before, this program is not to change who you are but to allow the real “you” to shine through all that muck that blocks the real person out."

This books takes you into the approach of weight-loss that works; not just telling you to workout and eat right but also helping you understand the intricacies of not only why we gain weight, but the deeper mental fascists that cause us not not lose weight. Learn how Jim Gray cultivated and used his motivation, staying motivated and highly effective in his quest to lose weight, be healthy, and be happy. There is additional and inflammatory content in this book to help you, the reader, understand some of the alarming trends in business that can be making you fat and unhealthy. Preface
Chapter 1 Understanding Fitness and Nutrition
Chapter 2 Where You are At
Chapter 3 Organizing Your Goals
Chapter 4 Mental Preparation
Chapter 5 Physical Preparation
Chapter 6 Preparing the Workout Zone
Chapter 7 Begining Dieting
Chapter 8 Increasing Metabolism
Chapter 9 Beginning Exercise
Chapter 10 Enhancing Your Metabolism
Chapter 11 Advanced Topics

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